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Business & Global Studies Academy

In a world where global commerce and politics have emerged as driving forces, the Business & Global Studies Academy offers students a thorough education in international issues while preparing them for global careers.

The Business & Global Studies Academy includes coursework in world languages, history, geography, business, economics and sociology. This Academy emphasizes cultural literacy, economic understanding, business fundamentals, interpersonal skills, employability, ethics, and leadership.

Read the BGS Overview

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BGS Pathways

The Business, Marketing & Leadership Pathway provides students with practical experience and opportunities in leadership in the business, government and nonprofit worlds.

The Communications & Interactive Media Pathway explores the impact of various forms of communication and the world through e-media.

The Global Studies & International Relations Pathway investigates and explores the processes and impact of globalization, governance and local concerns vs. international influence.

Each pathway has a BGS Student Pathway Worksheet on the back of it.

Contact Us

Have questions? Reach out to one of our Academy Coordinators for help!

Jo Tiwari, Academy Coordinator

Becky Ketchum, Academy Coordinator